Model Management

We are now offering Management and Consultancy Services to our ever growing Celestial Studios family!

We are a World Renowned Studio with top % Onlyfans Creators on our books. We also have extensive experience in obtaining BDSM sessions within our large networks and can help you get a foot on the ladder - whether you are looking at a change in career, earning extra income or need some help with establishing yourself as an adult creator online, We can help!

We know how time consuming it can be to get started or to grow. we also understand how important it is to have our girls back, best interests, and the knowledge of this competitive industry to help you succeed. We are a fully female run team and can offer you the time and expertise to ensure success! 

In order to strive to be our best and help our team strive to be their best we offer the following packages. Not only would you have use of our studios packed full of anything and everything, you have the security to know you're in a safe environment and looked after.

We have ladies on hand to help with advise and support you through your journey.

The packages we offer are as follows;

Onlyfans and Social Media 

*Personal Social Media Management - £15 per hour. Each package can be tailored to suit your needs. You decide on how many hours you would like to invest the week before, inform us and pay in advance. We take care of whatever you need doing.

*Only Fans Management and Consultancy - £15 per hour up to the first £1000 earned and then + 10% commission there after - you decide how much help you would like and pay a week in advance.

What we can offer:

*Telegram Support (promotion/drops/sfs/networking/mass queuing)
*Post Queuing
*Content Ideas
*Vault Mangement
*Access to Networking within our large bank of fans
*Content Edits

 Real Time Session Management 

* Basic Bookings Management - All adultwork & phone correspondence managed. Bookings taken by Studio Manager - £40 per week


*Free Photographers (from Purpleport)

*Paid photographer - models split the costs. Usually £160/£200 per day.

Studio hire costs must be covered between the models. Basic cost is £50 per hour, per room, but we do discounts for multiple hours or multiple rooms. Group shoots are encouraged to help cover costs, and whilst one model gets changed, the other can shoot so you get the most value from your hire. 
You are more than welcome to bring your already established clients here for this rate.

*Hourly Rate

*Guaranteed Model Earnings

Solo Sessions £80 p/h
Duo Sessions £70 p/h

*No shows

We will provide £30 in travel costs for no shows who have paid a deposit.


We cover all of your messages and basic gallery uploading and management, but we also need to have credits to list you on the searches so that your exposure and session number grows. We do not however, pay for your credits, so these can either:

- be generated by doing webcam and phone chat on, and by adding photos to public and private gallery.
- buying them yourself to invest. The more you invest, the quicker you grow your earnings.

*Clothing and Equipment Hire

£5 for shoes/boots
£5 for non - latex clothing
£20 latex clothes

There will be a form in the dressing room upstairs to fill in when using stock.

Please note, breakages will be charged at cost of replacement. Please inform us at the time and leave the damaged item out.

*Session Extras
£10 for vac bed
£10 for milking machine
£10 for electrics

We will have the client cover optional extras *where possible. If you need training on any equipment, the we will be more than happy to help out.

*The Bar (on-site)

Please check the price list, help yourself and put the money on the bar.

*Part of the Team

Each model needs to sign a tailor made contract with us which should you wish to proceed, we will send you one to review before committing, This is to cover all our backs.

We encourage you to shoot with other professionals to gain notoriety again we are happy to help organise these with/for you.

As previously mentioned should You prefer to manage your own social media and bookings, choose your own pricing, and then decide which help you would like on a weekly basis, this is fine, and our Studio hire is still available at £50 per hour per room, and you can decide on any optional extras.

*Some things to note

- [ ] We take booking deposits into the company account to maintain your safety and anonymity

- [ ] You will be required to create and verify your profiles, help to maintain the main text (about you and blog sections) and provide us with updates that we can upload when required.

- [ ] You will maintain full access and control should you wish to add, edit or delete anything.

- [ ] We have various Celestial Studios websites and social media pages and you will receive advertising on these platforms, to generate more exposure and profit.

- [ ] You should provide regular content from your sessions and kinky life to the team in order to build your presence online.

- [ ] It’s ideal to take solo photos of session outfits before or during sessions for social media. The private gallery on adultwork needs regular, naughty photo updates adding to help to grow your advertising power on the site. Photos must include you to be used on adultwork, and cannot contain web addresses.

All we ask is that your able to commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Any questions then please get in touch, We hope you would love to join our team and look forward to speaking to you soon