Studio Rulebook


Celestial Studios™  General Rules of Play✨⭐️

Strictly Over 18 only! 🔞

Enter at your own risk. ‼️

No smoking anywhere inside.🚭


No dangerous play! ‼️

No buckles or heels to be used on the leather equipment ‼️

No Latex Shine to be used anywhere ‼️

No wax play 🧨

No unsupervised medical or rope play. Safety scissors must be to hand. All ropes MUST be checked by a member of staff prior to suspension or predicament play.🔋📿

No indecent exposure outdoors.🚷


Please be extremely careful using the stairs whilst wearing heels. We cannot be responsible for any accidents. If you are unsteady on your feet then please ask for assistance or remove your shoes/boots👠

Lockers are available for hire. Valuables are left at your own risk. 🛅🔐


Please be aware that there is a PUBLIC toilet within the complex, but you MUST be fully clothed! 🚾


Anyone that is inebriated will be sent home.🔚


ABSOLUTELY NO NARCOTICS ON SITE, or consumption prior to arrival.🚯


No outdoor play 🕳


No playing by the river🚷


No water boarding, fire play or extreme pain play❌


Management's decision is final.🛂


Cameras are not allowed. Phone cameras must be covered by the stickers provided on entry. There will be a club photographer taking photos if you would like some. If you don't not wish to have your photo taken, we can assure you of our discretion. 📵


Remain respectful to all guests and organisers, or you WILL be removed. All play MUST be mutually consensual. 🌈

Anyone asking for payment for sexual services in the premises will be barred.

You must leave when asked to.✅

Safety and Consent is always paramount to us  - this means that our practices are ever evolving behind the scenes and we are always here to listen and take steps to ensure everybody has lots of fun but stays within safe limits.

A few things to help

Clear signage around the venue - please pay attention to these - they are here for good reason!

Easily Identifiable staff members - Staff members will be wearing white wristbands. If there is something (anything) you are unsure about, no matter how small, please ask for assistance and we will gladly sort out whatever issue you may have

User manuals - these will help with some of the larger pieces of equipment

Door staff - our door staff will be checking membership cards to ensure that everybody who has bought a members only ticket is a member. They will also be checking what you are wearing and reserve the right to refuse entry to anybody we feel does not fit the ethos of our club. A reminder of dress code - Fancy dress is encouraged but we also accept smart/fetish/clubwear. Please do not arrive in jeans/polo shirts/trainers etc - you will be refused entry.

Wristbands - we encourage you to wear our provided wristbands:
GREEN - Ready to play
AMBER - Unsure - I’ll approach you
RED - Not playing/partnered
Please respect these and do not push anybody that says ‘NO’


Phone Stickers - We ask you to please cover your phone camera with the gold stickers we provide. The only photography allowed is from the professional photographer with consent

and last but not least - DON’T BE A WANKER! - Please respect everybody personal space and do not enter their space unless you are invited in. Failure to comply will result in immediate banning from this event and all future events.


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