The Medieval Torture Square


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The square is completely wooden, the walls, ceiling and floor, which makes it feel very imposing, and the smell of wood is delicious.

There is a permanent stable for extended confinement and pony play, complete with full tack, rubber matting etc. A medieval gibbet cage hangs over a trap door for execution fantasies, and the vibe is that of those who wish to suffer in this space.

All furniture has been hand-made to the highest level of quality. Everything is interchangeable and has been designed with the kinkster at the heart of the finish.

Larger Custom- Made Equipment comprises:

  • BDSM 4 poster bed
  • Large Mesh multi-person Cage with Pit underneath (amazing as a DJ booth or 360 panoramic filming, as it takes pride of place in the centre of the space
  • Spanking bench with fucking machine attachment
  • Andrew’s Cross which can be made vertical or horizontal
  • Steel bathtub with mesh top

Mister Cage will be sessioning from here when he is able, so if you would like a session with a world class Male Dominant who can really turn it up and play all sorts of incredibly arousing games, mental and physical, do let us know. Speaking from personal experience, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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