Luna Loves


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I'm Luna, a professional Pleasure Priestess.
My role encompasses many practices... I'm a Somatic Sexologist, Sex & Relationships Educator, Tantra Practitioner, Conscious Kink Facilitator and Holistic Therapist.
Connect with me to find a conscious, authentic way of exploring your needs. Together, we'll go on a journey that is carefully crafted to bring up what is ready to be healed, energise your deepest desires and guide you to pleasures you've never known possible. Highly empathic, intuitive and connected, I am able to flow with whatever arises in each moment.
I believe the shadow side of pleasure holds massive healing potential. That the things we repress, deny, shame and reject have the most power to heal us, if only we can invite them to come out and play. With me, pleasure can be found in all things.

From a Healing Helper and Compassionate Listener, to a Seductive Temptress, a Nurturing Mother or a Powerful Goddess, I can step into whatever energy you need to find total release.
My work as a Pleasure Priestess is my calling in this life. I enjoy working with ritual, archetypes and ancient sensual arts to act as a creatrix of healing pleasure. Through enchanting energy work, I am capable of reaching your very soul. My talents allow me to access the unseen forces of life and I find that the bodies of the souls I work with simply *speak* to me in a way I can't explain.
I also recognise the importance of modern science. I am deeply engaged in the work of many contemporary sexologists, researchers and trauma-informed practitioners. With careful judgement, I weave together modern science and ancient wisdom to create a tapestry of healing, growth, pleasure and joy.

Whichever of my offerings you seek, know that I approach my work through love. Love is in all things I do, always. I see our sessions as a therapeutic experience, an act of love and a co-creation. We will work together to embrace your healing needs, find safe holding for your emotions and fulfil your desires.
Highly educated and forever curious; I'm a passionate believer that my own growth is essential to providing the space my clients need. You'll find me learning from some of the most incredible internationally-renowned teachers. I'm a member of the Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists and came to this work following a decade of kinky exploration in my personal life.
Step into the pleasure vortex with me, and you'll find the time we spend flies by. It is my truest intention to ensure you feel held throughout your journey, so you'll receive an aftercare check-in following our time together, if you so desire.

I ask for our energy exchange to be £200/hr for the first 2 hours, additional hours at £180. One hour sessions are available, however due to the deep, healing nature of my work, I do recommend 2hr sessions so you are given time to speak your desires, authentically consent to our plans, be fully supported through your journey, land gently back to reality and have space to voice and process what arises for you. 
There are a great many journeys I can lead you through! We can bring together my many skills, including:

  • Conscious kink & tantric BDSM
  • Tantric massage
  • Somatic sexual healing practices
  • Healing & erotic rituals
  • Guided meditation & tantric breathwork
  • Energy work including reiki and sexual energy cleansing
  • Bioenergetics massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Sensual power play
  • Goddess worship
  • Sensory play
  • Nurturance practices
  • Primal energy exploration
  • Shame healing
  • Consent & boundaries healing
  • Positive affirmations
  • Crystal healing
  • Sound healing
  • Cacao journeys
  • Coaching of tantric, kink, sex & relationship skills

I also work with Christian Red to model for rope and impact play tuition. 
Respectful requests are welcomed. You'll find a section on your booking form to add any information you wish to share. 
What are you waiting for? Come dance in the shadows with me.
I operate an outreach scheme in all that I do. I'm committed to making healing as accessible as possible, and run a limited number of reduced-fee sessions for those most in need of healing but facing financial barriers. Please get in touch if you would benefit.