Pure Lucie - Spankee

I offer a spankee service for those with a firm hand and enthusiasm for old fashioned discipline.

Must Improper behavior be corrected with a reddened bottom and proportionate levels of humiliation?




My favourite sessions are scene play or role play scenarios where I can adopt a character throughout and have some fun while being disciplined.

I’m happy to dress up and wear costumes to fit the theme of the scenario.

Provided I feel comfortable and not too self conscious, the characters I play tend to develop quite naturally and take on a mind of their own, adapting to the scenario and to your style and reasoning for the discipline.

I can be quite well behaved and accept being reprimanded but have also been known to throw an occasional tantrum especially when I’m put into a situation that’s not my fault.

For me it’s all about experiencing my full range of feelings and emotions, the good ones and the bad ones and giving myself over to someone who can help me explore them.

When you meet me you will find me to be naturally submissive, maybe a little shy and somebody who bonds very quickly

Enquiries for light sessions through to intense experiences are all welcome.

You could be looking for a practice model for ropework to try new out techniques and take photo’s or an experienced dominant looking train a new obedient plaything… strict, demanding and sometimes brutal.

The journey of submission is a very powerful part of a session for me, those small moments where the line starts to fray between free will and subservience. The choice to answer back or submit to your wishes.

Each and every moment I spend figuring out who you are and how much of me you want to capture, thinking through the consequences, working out if I even have a choice.

Using a title of respect like Master or Sir because I’ve been asked to and using those titles with true respect for somebody that owns a little part of me are two different things…. it’s the journey of submission that decides.

TXT TO BOOK -  07527 787185